Insights from US VC Charles Sidman

Sidney Macdessi sits with the founder of ECS Capital (US VC), Charles Sidman to discuss the ins and outs of early-stage investing.

Covering topics:

  • 3 stages of Charles’ journey from academia to angel to venture capitalist
  • The importance of a scientific approach to STEM ventures
  • The 4 stage process to analysing an opportunity
  • The importance of multi-stage investing


FX Strategy in an Unpredictable World


  • The largest contraction and growth the market has ever seen due to Covid-19, and the impacts on global trade
  • The effect that central banks removing stimulus will have on the economy
  • The promising economic forecast, as well as risks including markets, asset prices and interest rates
  • The forecast over the next 12 months for AUD vs USD, and, AUD vs GBP, and what will influence these prices
  • How WUBS work with corporates and investors to hedge risks


Venture & Capital Interviews | Jordan Green


  • Jordan Green is of the most well-known angel investors in Australia and a founder of the Melbourne angels.
  • Being an angel investor, there’s always a level of altruism – you want to be making the world a better place.
  • There is an efficient set process to become involved with the Melbourne Angels.
  • They only invest financial capital if they can also invest in intellectual capital.
  • It’s important to start the process of raising your capital long before the company desperately needs it.



Chief Investment Officer at Insync Funds Management

Monik Kotecha, Chief Investment Officer at Insync Funds Management, shares insights on innovative companies and sectors of disruption to keep an eye on.

You can access the Insync Fund Managers’ website here:

In this video, Monik Kotecha, Chief Investment Officer at InSync Funds Management, discusses:

  • Key drivers of disruption and what he looks for in disruptive companies
  • Current and future global megatrends, providing examples of a cashless society and electric vehicles
  • Areas he expects to see great growth including; the ageing population, pharmaceuticals and pets