CRIISP Releases New Investor Relations Tool

When a business attracts external capital, along with new funds comes a new relationship. Executive team members have now established a relationship with the source of said capital, the investor. And like with any relationship there is an element of maintenance and nurture that needs to take place.

It is in a business’s best interest to maintain investor relations for three main reasons;

  • You may call upon this source of funding at a later stage, in consecutive funding rounds for instance. The last thing you want to be is the proverbial salesperson calling at the end of a clients subscription asking them to renew for 12 more months.
  • In addition to this, investors adopt a keen interest in your venture the moment they invest, and regular, consistent communication is owed to them to ensure they are aware of the progress of your venture.
  • Finally, investors may have something to offer. This is often the case whether it be in the form of networks, insights or promotion. If there is low visibility of the current challenges or opportunities your venture faces then there is never a chance to offer up such assistance.

This can be a timely, and sometimes costly process, as such it’s often forgotten in the mind of founders and subsequently so too are the investor relationships.

To solve this problem CRIISP has developed the Investor Relations tool, specifically designed to allow ease of mass, personalised communications.

The features include:
  • Send out direct communication email to prospects in your deal room
  • Import lists of potential investors and shareholders (up to 50 at a time)
  • Filtering option for recipients (Investors, Shareholders, Individual recipients)
  • Message preview and test send an email to selected editors
  • View the performance of a single message (Opted out, Opened, Bounced, Unopened)
  • View the performance from all communications sent out

With these features founders now have the ability to centralise all communications, ensure there regularity, and even track the performance of said communications for deeper insights and lead scoring.

This tool will drastically shrink the amount of time and cost it takes to maintain these crucial relationships, empowering startups and large businesses with their own investor relations arm at a fraction of the cost.

For those wanting a demonstration of CRIISP and the IR tool click on the button below to book a call.

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